Quakers have been meeting here, for more than 300 years.  Today our meeting is the nearest one to you if you live in Bishop’s Stortford or a nearby village and you are very welcome to join us.  We have a rich Christian heritage from a time when many Quakers were persecuted for their faith.  Today we see tolerance and understanding to be at the heart of a fair and just world where people can be free to explore and reach their full potential.

We recognise the unique value and equal worth of all people and we strive for the peaceful resolution of conflict, whether in our own lives or in the lives of others around the world.  We value simplicity and seek the fair and responsible use of the world’s resources for people now and in the future.  We also respect the personal and spiritual needs of each individual, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

The basis of Quaker life and practice is a conviction that there is something of God’s spirit in us all: that everyone can have immediate communion with God.  We have no priests, creeds or dogma and everyone who attends our meeting for worship does so as an equal.  We have no set service and much of our time together is spent in silent worship.  It’s not always easy to participate fully in the silence but when we do manage to quieten the busy, anxious, thinking part of our mind it is possible to enter a state not only of peace but also of inspiration. People can and do share their thoughts with others present.  We may read out passages form the Bible or our own anthology of Quaker writings or speak from the heart about matters that concern us.

LIGHT GROUP meetings take  place in the small meeting room at Stansted Meeting House    “Experiment with Light” is a spiritual practice used by some Friends as a way of opening to the Light in relation to specific aspects of their lives. Members and Attenders from all LMs are most welcome to attend this helpful, meditative practice led by one of the present group attendees.For more information contact Sue Moloney : 01279 771405 or  Anthea Lee:  01279  656707