Friends Meeting House in the High Street is where Quakers in Saffron Walden meet - Quakers are also known as Friends. The building is simple and comfortable, has several rooms and has disabled access. It has a garden that is usually open to the public.  It is a peaceful place to be.
The Meeting House is also used throughout the week by various local groups for a variety of activities that range from art to yoga. You can book rooms from these webpages.

Quakers in Saffron Walden
We have a long history in Saffron Walden.  Local Quakers funded the Library, two schools, a college, the hospital, the old railway line, Bridge End Gardens and the drinking fountain in the square.
Individually, Quakers come from many walks of life and are also often involved with other local and national activist groups.
Most importantly Quakers hope to gain the strength to live adventurously and with integrity.
The Quaker Movement
The Quaker Movement was founded by Christian dissenters and was born out of the turmoil of the English Civil War. The feeling of being a “movement” has continued in much Quaker work. Quakers have been influential in many areas of life.  They inspired, funded and organised the original campaign against slavery, possibly the first human rights movement.  They have been pioneers in the fields of social welfare, education, mental health, prison reform, social housing, peace building, and employment rights.
The true test of the Quaker way is that it gives more meaning and energy to our day-to-day lives.
National Quaker Work
National Quaker Work currently focuses on peace building, civil liberty, rehabilitation of offenders, housing, education and socio-economic issues.  Worldwide Quakers have projects running in many disadvantaged areas of the world. There are Quaker offices at the United Nations both in Geneva and New York to influence policy at the highest level.
Young Friends and Children’s Meeting?
Saffron Walden Meeting has a very active children’s meeting. Our young friends /children have a parallel meeting to the adults and they usually join the adult meeting for 5 to 10 minutes.  They can of course participate in the adults meetings if they prefer. Their schedule of activities is detailed on their web page entitled “Young Friends”.
Our Quaker Meeting?
Our Quaker Meetings are held every Sunday at 10.30 in the morning.  They are mostly silent and last for an hour, followed by time for tea and a chat!  Every one is welcome to come.  We hope on your spiritual journey you might find yourself with Friends!  Young Friends/children have their own parallel meeting and join with the main meeting for about ten minutes.  If you have never been to a Quaker Meeting click on “Quaker Meetings” for a brief introduction. There is also a mid week meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 20.00hrs.
What events are coming up?
Click on the events calendar for more information.
Newsletter and Information
The newsletter captures what’s going on in our community!

Colchester Film Club, which includes a Quaker, came to Saffron Walden in July 2016 to make a film about George Stacey Gibson.  We asked them if we could have a link so people could watch it via the website and this they have done, very kindly.

The story of the Quaker family that shaped modern Saffron Walden and on the way became one of the founders of Barclays Bank. Click the link:

Mr Saffron Walden
The story of the Quaker family that shaped modern Saffron Walden and on the way became one of the founders of Ba...