Saffron Walden Newsletter April 2020
Be aware of the spirit of God at work in the ordinary activities and experience of your daily life. Spiritual learning continues throughout life, and often in unexpected ways. There is inspiration to be found all around us, in the natural world, in the sciences and arts, in our work and friendships, in our sorrows as well as in our joys. Are you open to new light, from whatever source it may come? Do you approach new ideas with discernment?’
‘Advices and Queries no.7
Calendar news
Owing to the corona virus, our usual activities are on hold.
As you know we have been holding Meeting for Worship in our homes by various means. Here is what we hope will happen over the next month or so.
The Clerk and others will continue to uphold Meeting for Worship from 10.30-11.30 in their own homes alone. If we are all aware of this shared worship time and join in,, it can create a powerful sense of shared worship in spirit, even if we are physically alone. The Clerk will continue to circulate readings chosen by an Elder, and your flower photos, in advance of the Meeting, and you can share your experiences/ thoughts by email after the Meeting.

Virtual Meetings for Worship on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30 will be held using the platform of Whereby. Friends see each other, and can communicate, give Ministry etc against a background of our familiar Meeting Room. The link is and you are then invited to enter your name and Join Meeting. These Meetings will last for 30 mins.

Collections for April
I also hope you will still feel able to contribute to the collections for this month, needed more than ever now. See John’s note below for how to do this.
April 5th Peace Museum, Bradford
April 12th Safe Passage
(charity that helps refugee children reach safety/ know their rights)
April 19th Medical Aid for Palestine
April 26th Central Work,
Thank you to Paul, for keeping things running, keeping us updated with advice and guidance, along with your team, while everything is in crisis. 

A message from our treasurer John Capper about how to give

 Dear Friends,
          If you wish to contribute to collections there are 2 ways you can do this:
          1) Make a payment by BACs to our account;
    Saffron Walden Quaker Meeting   Co-operative bank 
   Sort Code: 08-92-99   Account Number: 65570643
(the address is PO Box250, Delf House, Southway, Skelmersdale WN8 6WT).
         2) Alternatively post or drop in to me a cheque made out to Saffron Walden Quaker Meeting:
                     18 Landscape View, Saffron Walden, CB11 4AU
In either case the money can be for several collections so let me know how much for which collection (email: 
I will not send money for this month’s collections (Practical Action & Central Work) until at least April 5, and then will deal with each month's collections not earlier than the following weekend (April ones  May 2nd, May ones June 6th).
Please let me know if you can see any problems with this approach,
                 In Friendship

Woodbrooke news

Woodbrooke are still able to take bookings for online courses and you will help their finances by booking a course!

Woodbrooke courses to book
There are several stimulating and useful online courses to enjoy.
Overseers can help with finance. Woodbrooke gives a £50 discount for first timers as well.

Woodbrooke are also running online Meetings for Worship

Online Meeting for Worship
Join us for Woodbrooke online worship at various times throughout the week. We offer 30 minute worship on Wednesday and Friday via Adobe Connect. We use Zoom for our other meetings throughout the week.
Announcement: See our new online worship advice page to download our online worship guide and tutorial sessions. 
Click here to join our  online worship via Zoom
Click here to join our Wednesday 09:30 and Friday 13:00 worship via Adobe Connect
We expect demand for online worship to be high as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bear with us if large numbers affect our normal practices. If you are new to worship please arrive early and familiarise yourself with the information on this page first. 
New to Zoom? You can test Zoom here: We’ve also made a video of an example of a  Zoom meeting, showing how to set up Zoom and change the display, which you can watch by clicking here.
When? We give our worship time in UK local time,  We welcome Friends from around the world to all our worships. All worship is 30 minutes unless otherwise stated.
Monday at 09:30 via Zoom Tuesday at 07:00 via Zoom Tuesday at 19:30 via Zoom Wednesday at 07:00 via Zoom Wednesday at 09:30 via Adobe Connect Thursday (1 hour)  at 11:00 via Zoom Thursday at 19:30 via Zoom Friday at 13:00 via Adobe Connect Friday at 21:00 via Zoom Sunday (1 hour)  at 10:30 via Zoom Sunday at 19:30 via Zoom
Where? You can join our online meeting room a few minutes before the start of each meeting. Simply click here for Zoom worship or click here for adobe connect worship.
It has been good to hear news of several of you one way or another. I hope you will feel able to keep in touch with each other remotely, holding each other in the Light and that you will be able to keep yourselves and your families safe dear Friends.
Thank you for reading this newsletter. Please send any news for the May issue by April 28th
In Friendship Gill 01799 550692
A letter from Friends House to us all
Dear Friends

Over the last fortnight our whole community has been rising to the challenge of maintaining our relationships and organisational needs in these extraordinary circumstances. Already so much has been done. Meetings across the country have started providing online worship and other new forms of support. At BYM, we have made the transition from working in Friends House to delivering support through a virtual office of staff working at home. Thank you for your patience while we've made this transition.

BYM Communications from next week
We're determined to deliver that support as effectively as we can through this challenging period. One key step we are taking is to simplify the communications that we are sending out to clerks. So far we have sent a large amount of information out through several emails from different BYM teams and we are conscious that this can leave Friends searching for the details that they need. 
To simplify communications from now on, we have decided to combine all our direct communications to Friends into our email newsletter Quake! This will now be sent out weekly. All of our advice on support for meetings and responding to the needs of Friends during this difficult period, and information on how Government guidelines apply to our activities will be distributed this way.
If you are not already subscribing to Quake!, don't worry, we will add everyone receiving this email to the distribution list. Of course, the material we are sending out is helpful for all Friends, so please subscribe. In emails you can share this link -
When talking to Friends, you can advise them to just click the word 'newsletters' at the bottom of every page on our website.
We will continue to ensure that all the key information relating to coronavirus is on the website here -
Supporting Families and Children
It is especially important to be mindful at this time that we are a community of all ages. People may be feeling anxious, isolated or overwhelmed with a loss of routine and regular contact with friends. We need to find ways of connecting with and supporting children, young people and families, including them in our worship and finding opportunities for nurture and nourishment. 
If you're planning to hold online children's meeting, you can find some helpful guidance at This page also contains a range of very helpful guidance on holding online meetings for worship.
Thank You
The last few days have shown just how creative Quakers can be in responding to adversity.  Truly we are living adventurously at this time.  Do keep in touch to let us know what you are doing. Through Quake!, we will continue to share these ideas and innovations, and the best support we can provide.
in Friendship                                                   mewn cyfeillgarwch
Paul Parker                                                     Paul Parker
Recording Clerk                                              Clerc Cofnodi
Quakers in Britain                                         Crynwyr ym Mhrydain
(020) 7663 1122
Our offices at Friends House and Swarthmoor Hall are currently closed, but Quakers in Britain is still ‘open for business’ with many staff working from home. You can use the normal email and telephone contact details, but please be aware that some staff are unable to work normal hours. Thank you for your patience.

And Finally
A poem for you. Perhaps you have one you would like to share with us. I’ll be pleased to receive them. Gill
“This is the time to be slow, Lie low to the wall Until the bitter weather passes. Try, as best you can, not to let The wire brush of doubt Scrape from your heart All sense of yourself And your hesitant light. If you remain generous, Time will come good; And you will find your feet Again on fresh pastures of promise, Where the air will be kind And blushed with beginning.”
― John O'Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings
National Information
Call for trustees
Become a Quaker Social Action (QSA) trustee
Are you looking for a small, influential organisation that will make the most of your time, energy and skills? With 6% of the UK population trapped in deep poverty, earning at least 50% below the poverty line, there has never been a greater need for organisations like QSA.

Climate justice

  1. Taking action on COP26
This year, the UK will host the COP26 UN summit on climate change in Glasgow in November. A massive show of force is needed by the UK and global climate movements to spur our governments to meet bolder targets and to place justice at the heart of their response to climate change. Quaker Peace & Social Witness will be working alongside Quakers across the country to push for bold leadership on climate justice and to support the climate movement.
Have you got plans or ideas for climate justice for 2020? Let us know
  • we’d like to work with you!
Oonagh Ryder,, 0207 663 1046
See the blog ‘Learning and leading: Quaker climate action in 2020’ at:

Peacebuilding and human rights
  1. Seeking human rights monitors
We are seeking human rights monitors to serve in Palestine and Israel for 3 months in 2021, with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. You would be providing protection by presence, monitoring human rights abuses, supporting Israeli
and Palestinian peace activists and working for an end to the military occupation of Palestine. See

  1. 3. QPSW Relief grants and Simmons grants
QPSW Relief grant applications (up to £4,000) open in April for peacebuilding work, or for relief of people who are suffering as a result of natural disasters, climate change, war, conflict or social and economic deprivation, but not for immediate crisis relief. Simmons grants (up to £1,500) open in May for projects that work to enable rural young people overseas to live self-sufficiently.
Ann Pfeiffer,, 020 7663 1053

  1. 4. Patterns and examples events in 2020
Saturday, 2 May at Lampeter University
Saturday, 30 May at Norwich Quaker Meeting House
Saturday, 27 June at Lancaster Quaker Meeting House
Patterns and examples are role holder gatherings for all Quakers but not aimed at those Friends very new to Quakerism. Come to make friends with others wishing to learn and explore together.
Rhiannon Grant:, 0121 4156 770
Oliver Waterhouse:, 020 7663 1007
Mel Cook:, 020 7663 1014

Adult Education grants for 2020–2021 academic year
Adult Education grants for 2020–2021 are available for members and attenders taking a further or higher education course to equip themselves to serve society and/or Quakers in Britain. To apply you should be a mature student or graduate, either in membership of Britain Yearly Meeting or an attender of at least five years. You should be in need of financial support to take the course and the course should be offered at a reputable institution within the UK. Applications close 30 April 2020. Contact: