Saffron Walden July 2018 Newsletter

July News for Saffron Walden Quakers

Peace begins within ourselves. It is to be implemented within the family, in our meetings, in our work and leisure, in our own localities and internationally. The task will never be done. Peace is a process to engage in, not a goal to be reached.’
Part of Qf&p 24.57, Sydney Bailey 1993
Saturday 30th June Regional Gathering Family Day at the Meeting House. This is an Area Meeting event hosted by our Meeting.
The Theme will be
Peace and Education.
Please book the date and support the Meeting. More information on the attachment.
The Gathering is for everyone and begins at 11.00 with Meeting for Worship at 11.00. This will be followed by workshops and fun activities. Bring your own lunch but drinks and later tea will be provided by us.

Sunday 1st Meeting for Worship and Children’s Meeting 10.30

Tuesday 3rd Interfaith group 6.30 to 7.30. Our lady of Compassion Parish Hall.

Wednesday 4th ‘Experiment with Light’ group 10.30am

Saturday 7th Death Cafe at Harlow meeting House 10.30 for 11.00 start.
See attached poster for more details.

Sunday 8th Meeting for Worship and Children’s Meeting 10.30

Monday 9th Distant Healing Group. In the Long Room, 10.30 am

Sunday 15th Meeting for Worship and Children’s Meeting 10.30

Sunday July 22nd Meeting for Worship 10.30 No formal Children’s Meeting this week.
Followed in the afternoon by:
Our Area Meeting with no agenda
at Bardfield Meeting House.
Following our Area Meeting Minute 2018 03 05 iii) the AM without agenda on will begin with a bring your own lunch followed by an introductory period of worship at around 1.00pm.and then by an afternoon of sharing with each other. There will be no formal activity. The afternoon will close at 3.30pm if not before.
This is your chance to talk with and get to know friends across our Area Meeting. Our business meetings are so busy and time to chat over lunch is limited .Bring your own lunch and take time to have prolonged conversations over a walk or just sit in or outside the Meeting House. Drinks will be provided by Bardfield Friends. We are grateful for their hospitality.
Saturday 4th August 2pm at the Meeting House Memorial meeting to give thanks for the life of our dear friend Margaret Slee

National Quaker News and Events

    Two events for newcomers:
    New to Quakers? Want to explore Quaker Worship?
      One event for those worshippers thinking about membership:
      Ever thought of joining the Quakers
        Charney Manor,, 01235 868206
        Swarthmoor Hall,, 01229 583204

          Grants of up to several thousand pounds (but usually less) are available to assist local overseers in their support of Quakers and their families in a situation of hardship and suffering through old age, infirmity, disability, bereavement, single parenthood, other financial needs. Also to provide assistance to children with special educational needs. These grants are available in cases where local funds have been fully used or are not available. Applications should be made via the local overseer (or equivalent) to the Grants Programme Officer at Friends House.
          Ann Pfeiffer,, 020 7663 1053

            19–21 October 2018, Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire
            Climate change is huge and complex. It needs joined-up responses. For Quakers that means changing lives, developing vibrant low- carbon meetings and working with others for system change, all rooted in our deepening faith. This October’s BYM Sustainability Gathering is about making connections and breathing new life into your own and your meeting’s engagement. Do join us!
            Register at:
            Andrew McVicar,, 020 7663 1119

            Children and young people

            1 July Plastics in the sea and craft activity
            8 July Chocolate! The Chocolate Brothers – Quaker Cadburys

            15 July Cooking and Shared Lunch

            22 July and 29 July – no formal CYPM (4th5th Sundays)
            A new or visitor family can be welcomed by a designated member of Meeting and introduced to the Long Room Resources and CYPM contact information
             5 Aug Summer hols crafts, games, books

            12 Aug Summer hols crafts, games, books19 Aug Cooking and Shared Lunch
            26 Aug - no formal CYPM (4th Sunday )
            A new or visitor family can be welcomed by a designated member of Meeting and introduced to the Long Room Resources and CYPM contact information
            2 Sept Hols and New Term chat & side passage weeding if fine 

            Do you have someone in this age group who might benefit from this? Please approach an overseer for financial help.
            Facilitation and Leadership
            Friday 19 Sunday 21 October 2018, Woodbrooke
            Facilitation and Leadership is an invigorating event for 15- to 21-year- olds. It will help them understand how groups form and how they work together through exploring theories and trying out facilitation and leadership skills.
            For those new to facilitation and for those with previous experience.

            Participants will develop confidence, understanding and skills alongside considering how to engage with Quaker aspects of facilitation.

            Cat Waithaka,, 020 7663 1011
            Young Quakers Participation Day Saturday 6 October, 2018 
            Closing Date 23rd September
            For young Quakers (14-18 years old) who are interested in a day held alongside Meeting for Sufferings, seeking their views on issues of concern to them and also to Quakers in Britain. 
            Each area meeting can book two young people born between 1/9/2000 and 31/8/2004 inclusive. 
            Alex Zawadzka, 020 7663 1013, (Our AM Representative can be asked to accompany if need be, please contact Clare Yerbury.)
            Revising Quaker faith & practiceIt was agreed at Yearly Meeting in May to proceed towards revising the Quaker Book of Discipline Quaker faith & practice, this will be many years in the doing. If you know of any young people who might like to be involved in the revision or may have suggestions for what might be included, please encourage them to follow, and to fill in one or both of the forms

            Essex and Suffolk Regional Gathering
            Regional Gathering at Saffron Walden Friends Meeting House
            Saturday 30th June 2018
            Family Day with a Peace and Education Theme
            11.00 Gathering for tea and drinks refreshments, name badges
            11.30 Meeting for Worship
            12.00-12.50 Introduction activity followed by:                Schools and the Military Parallel Activities for younger ones 
            1.00 Lunch, bring your own, Saffron Walden Friends will provide drinks. 
            1.45-2.15 Alternatives to Militarism: a safer future Parallel Activities for younger ones.
            2.15-3.45 All Age activities, indoor and outdoor possibilities  focusing on co-operation, sharing and envisioning
            3.45 Closing Worship
            4.00-4.30 Tea provided by local Friends

            Children and young people National event
            1.        Pilgrimage in 1652 Country
            19–22 October 2018, Yealand, Lancaster
            The Quaker Pilgrimage for 12- to 15-year-olds provides an opportunity for young Quakers to follow in the footsteps of George Fox and other early Quakers alongside their peers. We will be visiting sites such as Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell, and Swarthmoor Hall. There will also be time for worship, games, activities and reflection on the day’s experiences.
            CYP administrator,, 020 7663 1013

            Other Information and Events
            Support peace work
            Quaker Peaceworker scheme – Investing in fresh talent in the UK peace movement. The scheme gives a year-long opportunity to work in a peace organisation for two committed individuals. Peaceworkers use their talents to do new and innovative work, which would not otherwise be possible. This year’s applications for the scheme have been
            exceptionally high quality. Thanks to a number of generous grants we almost have enough money to employ a third peaceworker – but we are £6,000 short! Can you help us bridge the gap?
            We have a Justgiving page for Friends who would like to support this work:

            Quaker Week
             Quaker Week 2018
            29 September – 7 October 2018
            Last month ‘The Young Quaker’ podcast ‘Silence Special’ hit the headlines and gave people a real taste of Quakerism. With appetites whetted, Quaker Week is a chance to invite people to find out more. This year’s theme is ‘Room for More’. A ‘Recipe Book’ full of ideas on how to explore this year’s theme has been sent to your local meeting
            – have you found the joke yet?
            Mental Health
            Quaker Mental Health Forum
            Saturday, 3 November, 10am to 4pm, The Priory Rooms, Birmingham
            Quaker Life works to support meetings experiencing difficulties relating to mental health. We work in partnership with organisations involved in Quaker work on mental health. The Quaker Mental Health Forum is funded by the Retreat Benevolent Fund and the theme this year is ‘Mental Health and Young People’. Quaker Life would like to make this event known about widely in Quaker communities. All area meetings and other Quaker communities are encouraged to send a representative to the day.
            Alison Mitchell,,
            07483 028 490
            Book at: health-and-young-people-tickets-4523269019
            There’s lots of information about upcoming courses, retreats etc. too on these websites

            Please see below for National Quaker Information.

            National News
            Children and young people

              25–27 July 2018, Gilwell Park Activity Centre, Essex
              Live Adventurously is a fun filled, action packed residential event for 8–11 year olds who are linked to a Quaker meeting and gives children the chance to try all sorts of adventurous activities. There will be fun, games, a chance to make new friends, worship and thinking about what it means to ‘live adventurously’ as a Quaker.
              The cost is £80 per person which includes travel from Friends House,
              all food and activities at the centre.
              Book online at or by contacting or 020 7663 1013


              1. A guide to taking action to urge the UK government to seek political and diplomatic solutions to the situation in Syria
              We have been receiving emails and calls from Friends asking what
              they can do in response to the launch of airstrikes in Syria.
              We are encouraging Friends to use our ‘A guide to taking action to urge the UK government to seek political and diplomatic solutions to the situation in Syria.’ The guide contains several actions Friends can take and is available at
              Please send Sahdya Darr an email at if you write to your MP or MSP.

              Find out more about what is going on Nationally by exploring the Quaker website at
              or find out about Quakers in our area

              Peace: opportunities for action
              1. Nobel Peace Prize nominations requested for 2019
              Closing date for nominations to Friends House is 13 July 2018
              In 1947 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Quakers worldwide for the work they had done, particularly relief work, between the two world wars and after World War II. Friends and meetings in Britain Yearly Meeting can provide nominations for the 2019 prize.
              Please see the website for the criteria and contact information. Helen Bradford,, 020 7663 1071
              1. Recruiting for 2 QPSW UK based peaceworkers
              One year fixed term contracts with UK peace organisations starting in
              September 2018 Opportunity to work in a UK peace organisation for a year, funded by QPSW, on issues including addressing the roots of conflict, innovative work on nuclear weapons and militarism especially in schools.
              If chosen you’ll be offered a place with an organisation which we think
              matches your skills.
              1. Seeking Ecumenical Accompaniers human rights monitors
              We are recruiting Ecumenical Accompaniers to serve in the West Bank and Israel in 2019 for 3 months’ service.
              The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) provides protection by presence, monitors human rights abuses, supports Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and advocates for an end to the occupation.
              For more information and to download an application pack please check our website:

              Climate action
                Quaker Peace & Social Witness and Friends across the country are calling on the UK government to tackle climate change. To do this, we want to know what parliament thinks about climate policy. We’re asking Friends to help us do this by writing to their MP and sharing
                responses with us. If you can help, visit the climate justice page on the Quaker website at, where we have provided more information and some guidance questions. If you’d like support to engage with your MP, or to take action on climate change, please contact Chris Walker using the details below.
                Chris Walker,, 020 7663 1047


                1. Churches Together in England 2018
                Our clerk has been sent a leaflet from Churches Together in England (CTE) giving a brief description of who they are and the work of the body in 2018. Britain Yearly Meeting is in membership of CTE along with Cytûn Churches Together in Wales, and Action by Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS). The Committee which looks after these working relations is Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations.
                Marigold Bentley,, 020 7663 1060

                1. Talking Friends
                Is there anyone in your meeting who is visually impaired or finds it difficult to read for other reasons? If so, you can help them to access Quaker publications such as the Friend, Quaker News and Friends Quarterly. A subscription to Talking Friends will give them audio recordings produced by volunteers at half the price of the printed publications. See the flyer in the meeting House for further information.
                Contact Alan Johnson, 0121 476 0217,
                As usual there’s lots of information about upcoming courses, retreats etc. on these websites
                Don’t forget to check out our national website too to find out more about national goings on.
                If you would be interested in receiving the National Outreach newsletter
                Quake! please go to:-

                Schedule of collections:

                March 4th Water Aid
                March 11th Friends’ Church in Bhaktapur, Nepal
                March 18th Young Friends’ General Meeting
                March 25th Central Work

                April 1st Practical Action
                April 8th Peace Museum, Bradford
                April 15th Vacation Bible School
                April 22
                nd Medical Aid for Palestine
                April 29th Central Work

                May 6th Christian Aid
                May 13th Christian Aid
                May 20th Friends’ Church in Bhaktapur, Nepal
                May 27th Central Work

                June 3rd Quaker Bolivia Education Fund
                June 10th QSA
                June 17th QSA
                June 24th Central Work

                July 1st Glebe House
                July 8th Brummana High School
                July 15th Quaker Congo Partnership
                July 22
                nd Quakers in Criminal Justice
                July 29th Central Work

                August 5th Quaker Concern Against Torture
                August 12th Friends’ Church in Bhaktapur, Nepal
                August 19th Quaker Tapestry
                August 26th Central Work

                September 2nd Citizens Advice, Saffron Walden
                September 9th Corymeela Community
                September 16th Quaker International Centre, Ramallah
                September 23rd Friends’ House, Moscow
                September 30
                th Central Work

                October 7th Friends’ Housing Bursary
                October 14th Quaker Bolivia Link
                October 21st Friends’ Church in Bhaktapur, Nepal
                October 28th Central Work

                November 4th QCEA
                November 11th Quaker Service Belfast
                November 18th Money for Madagascar
                November 25th Central Work

                December 2nd ` Peaceways
                December 9th QHA
                December 16th QHA
                December 23rd QHA
                December 30th Central Work