A Spiritual path for our time

Many people have a personal understanding of God; often this is based on Christian teachings, or on other religious traditions. Other people are aware of or seek a spiritual environment but would not define it further. Quakers are no different! When we come to a Quaker Meeting, we sit in a circle, quieten our everyday thoughts and in the silence we listen. We listen for the deeper truths for ourselves and for others, without priests or sacred texts. Quakers are non-hierarchical and we are all responsible for spiritual giving and receiving. The meeting is mostly silent but somebody may be moved to speak as we help each other to a clearer understanding and a deeper experience beyond our self. It’s a convention that if we speak we speak only once in a meeting. We find this to be both upholding and strengthening. And then, we are encouraged to question our answers. This process is utterly simple, and extremely complex!